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<Video Star> is a game to know about Utopia. The word Utopia literally means "no place" in Greek. This game visualize the concept into universe. Does your Video Star can keep these five planets survive and live forever?


Five elements wood (木), fire (火), soil (土), gold (金) and water (水) imply basic elements of universe. Wood make fire, fire make soil, soil make gold, gold make water, water make wood. It's called win-win (相生) circle. They could represent the colors of politics-democrat, republican, moderate as well.

Game rule

When you click one planet then Video Star fly to supply source of each elements. Video Star is an homage to Nam June Paik. Each planet gradually shrink different speeds. When you keep five planet survive five minutes, it will end succeed. But when you fail to maintain five planet, you can try again. Through this game you can imagine Utopia respect diversity and harmony.


Huseong Lee/ Front-end Programming

Jaemin Park/ Back-end Programming

Yeonjung Gwon/ Concept Art, Music

Yongsoo Park/ Graphic Art

Wonho Park/ Planning


build.apk 20 MB